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Get More Leads For Your Business From Our Targeted Traffic Options

We Have 4 Main Lead Generation Options 

Advertise On This Site

Your Own Lead Gen Site (Like This One) From *$499 Month

Pay Per Call/Pay Per Lead

Commission Share (e.g Real Estate)


Advertise On This Site

Why advertise on this site?….

Advertising on this site provides highly targeted traffic!

How does this site get targeted traffic?…

The traffic comes from ranking on Google and Bing search engines for your competitors and related businesses names, their reviews and local search keyword phrases.

When and how much traffic does this site get?….

Traffic is coming in every single day and on average we will be generating hundreds of unique visitors daily.

How do you turn traffic into leads?…

To maximise conversions on this site we do the following

  • Create full page splash pages that drop down on each page a few seconds after it loads.
  • Re-target visitors For Facebook & Google Ads
  • Use multiple Call To Action marketing elements that appear on site at various times?

What are the advertising options?

You can advertise with one category or sitewide (on every page of this site) here’s what that means…

  • A single category is one business type with all locations that we have used on the site for our local business directory geographical area.
  • Site-wide is all business type categories in all areas
  • On this site we currently have 5 business types in 1,030 (of the same) locations covering the City of / State of ……
  • This means that we can allow for either ONE site-wide advertiser or FIVE single category advertisers and this is done on first come first serve basis.
  • Whether you choose a category or sitewide there will be no other advertisers for that category or sitewide so you will get exclusive leads.
  • The cost of a single category advertising campaign is $1499 per month with a minimum 12 month contract or $1649 per month with a minimum of one month contract.
  • The cost of a site-wide advertising campaigns is $1999 per month with a minimum of 12 month contract and $2499 per month with a minimum of one month contract.

Current Advertising Availability

  • Single Category Advertising Is Currently Available
  • Site-wide Advertising Is Available


Get Your Own Lead Gen Site (Like This One) 

  • We have our own in-house technology for building more sites just like this one, and we can build a bespoke site to suit your needs.
  • The advantages of having your own site is that you can add your own additional content, add or swap out your own ads, banners and calls to action etc.
  • The costs will vary according to how many business types and locations you want to add to your site and for any on going maintenance or webmaster services.
  • The process of building these sites can take as much as 3 to 6 weeks with tens of thousands of pages being built.
  • The minimum cost of having your own site built with minimum of 50,000 pages is $10,000 and if you want regular maintenance of the site with fresh content added then there is a further cost of $500 per month.


Pay Per Call/Pay Per Lead

We currently have clients who prefer to pay per lead.

For example in the real estate business, we provide services for clients who are receiving exclusive leads at $500 per lead.

This can be set up with multiple lead options such as pay per call, or our in house email lead generation system for scoring leads by high priority and lower priority to help you manage your time better.


Commission Share (e.g Real Estate)

Commission share is an additional option whereby we will build an exclusive site for you with various tracking and lead generation options built in.

Naturally, there is a deposit required for this type of service, but it can be more cost effective to get started with us to generate leads from people who are in various stages of the buying process, but who are mainly searching for your competitors by business name, reviews of service providers in your industry and who are further down the buying process and ready to make a purchase.


What To Do Next

If any of the options appeal to you then let us know by contact us and leave a number, email, skype or whats app profile information for us to get back to you.