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Improve Your New Website SEO With These SAFE Fiverr SEO Core Backlink Gigs

When you create a new website or blog one of the first things you should do is start to build some core backlinks.We can be strategic with this but there are a couple of base rules to work to that keeps this safe, sensible and helpful to drive traffic long term to your new site.

  • Links From Authority Sites That Are Normal Content Syndication And Don’t Look Spammy
  • Increases The Number Of Referring Domains
  • Can Increase Traffic To Your Website Long term

Watch The Short Video Below

Top 5 Gigs

Publish your first blog post with a video and featured image then order the first 4 gigs to boost your backlink profile safely.

The 5th gig should be done before creating any content and add your RSS feed to onlywire for complete automation

  1. 1Submit Your Blog Posts To 60 PDF Sites For $5.00
  2. 2Syndicate Your Blog Posts To 20 Sites For $5.00 (Like, Quora Blog etc.)
  3. 3​20 Site Press Release Submission For $5.00
  4. 460 Video Sharing SIte Submission For $5.00
  5. 5Create Social Accounts On Onlywire or Syndwire For $5.00

That’s all i will add here for now guys.i will a full blog post with additional videos and in depth analysis of these and other Fiverr services on a new post over at

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